Aluminum casting

Al-Si-Alloys z.B. EN-AC-43000
EN 1706
Al-Mg-Alloys z.B. EN-AC-51300
EN 1706
Sand casting
automatic moulded
hand moulded
0,5 - 35 kg
up to 100 kg
die casted
low pressure or grafity
0,2 - 30 kg

Aluminium casting materials are, essentially, construction materials, but the functional properties are used in many cases as well.
The basic advantages can be abstracted as follows:

– good casting properties with regard to multiple casting techniques,
– technological practicable near-net-shape element fabrication (high accuracy grade / surface quality),
– good mechanical properties at a low density (severe savings regarding weight compared to cast iron, steel or the like),
– easy machinability, which means short machining times and little tool abrasion,
– clean and smooth surfaces with diverse finishing options,
– good weathering and chemical resistance, salt walter resistance,
– good heat and electric conduction,
– easy to recycle.

Aluminium cast therefore became a synonym for the economic production of high-quality components.


  • inspection certificates acc. to EN 10204 3.1 or 2.2

Heat treatment

  • normalisizing
  • quenching and tempering
  • stress relief annealing